Andrew J. Chamberlain Attorney at Law

Andrew J. Chamberlain recently joined Williams Caliri Miller & Otley, PC, as Of Counsel. Visit WCMO to learn more about the firm or stay on on this website to learn more about Andrew’s practice.


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How to Revoke a Will

Former President John F. Kennedy said: “Change is the law of life”. The main reason a Testator or Testatrix decides to revoke a will is because their economic or social situation changes. This means the Will no longer accurately depicts the author’s final wishes. If this occurs, our seasoned estate planning attorney may recommend revoking …

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Understanding What the Divorce Process Actually Looks Like in Practice

Divorce tops the list as one of life’s most stressful events for adults. But it doesn’t need to be. Understanding the divorce process helps you weigh your options so you can choose the path of least resistance. A lot of factors come into play including assets, child support, alimony, and of course, emotions. From contested and …

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What is a Will?

What is a Will? Although most people understand the need for a will, many don’t understand exactly what they are, what their benefits are, and what their limitations are. So what is a will, and why do you need one? A will is an essential estate planning vehicle that will enable you to set out …

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